Investors and insurers appreciate PARTECNIX automated vehicle handling systems for their very low risk profile as:

  • All vehicles are completely inaccessible to anyone, making them safe from damage or theft
  • Full fire protection is provided throughout the facility
  • Power failure protection is included, EPS and UPS
  • Full redundancy of all components is provided so no single point failure can crash the system
  • The system is self-monitoring with pro-active maintenance programs
  • FATA Automation’s unparalleled experience and leadership in AS/RS systems

Most remarkably, Partecnix Automated Parking Systems typically need only one on-site employee  to monitor the entire installation. Since our parking systems are completely automated, cars are parked and returned:

  • Free of dents or scratches
  • Free of theft or vandalism
  • Free of internal dirt, smudges, and odors such as cigarette smoke

The minimal environmental impact of a Partecnix facility is greatly appreciated everywhere. Vehicle motors are not running during the entire parking operation, so it is incredibly environmentally friendly and qualifies for a minimum of 12 LEED points under the US Green Building Council guidelines because:

  • There are no exhaust emissions or pollution from vehicles
  • The system has very low energy consumption, minimal lighting and no heating is required
  • All vehicle fluids leaks, such as oil and coolant's, are contained on drip trays and drained to oil separator sumps
  • There is no noise emitted from the facility, making it very friendly in quiet residential neighborhoods
  • We design the exterior to be in “architectural context” with neighboring buildings 

The entire parking process is Simple – Efficient – Reliable. It’s literally care-free.

  • 1. The Driver pulls into an open “bay”, similar to a single residential garage, termed an Entry/Exit Module, guided by an LED sign.
  • 2. Once stopped the Driver leaves the vehicle and exits the module, taking a parking ticket or swiping their card through a reader located adjacent to the doorway.
  • 3. They can then leave the facility and be on their way, secure in the knowledge that their vehicle is totally protected from any damage.

The retrieval process is also remarkably simple and care-free too. Upon returning to the facility to pick up their car:

  • 1. The Driver scans the receipt or their card to enter a secure pickup vestibule
  • 2. If they are not a regular patron they pay the parking charge at the automated checkout station
  • 3. The Driver is directed to the appropriate Entry/Exit Module as soon as the car is ready and then simply enters their car and drives away

The entire process requires no human intervention and the vehicle is never touched by anyone other than the driver